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Rusting Souls is a visual novel made in 4 days by Youli, Clémancipé and KuroYuki for the VN Cup. It's a short experience where two women, X and Y, confront the limits of their own body, in a dull atmosphere of a destroyed world.

Meet X, the protagonist :

and Y, the cyborg :

Story, design and art by Poyouli

Code, english translation and music by Clémancipé

English translation: Kuroyuki

OST OF THE GAME : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4MWMTuCTdZp8tnuVyDwV3fWBdT_VQn7s

Social media :





KuroYuki :


Youli :





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This is a charming little VN you have here, heheh~  In particular, the atmosphere and sound design were quite well done, as was the UI.  I personally would've liked to see some more world-building, to have spent a little more time with X and Y to learn more about them and about whatever calamity it was that ruined their home... but then again, as per the description, this VN was made in 4 days, heh.  Considering the tight deadline, I'd say the end result came out quite nicely indeed!

Game was great, made me laugh a fair bit especially when they were fighting over what to do with the man. It’s such a dark future gave me vibes of someone between a dystopian cyber/steampunk with the aesthetics. Was an interesting viewpoint to a dreary dystopian end.

A nice short dark themed visual novel, thank you to the developers for making Rusting Souls! :D


You cant imagine how me and the other dev, we are so happy to see a cool playthrough like this !!!


nice novel


you read really fast ! thank you !!!



ha ouais


Very epic game, very epic story 10/10