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Given the number of times I've been told this, I'm obliged to specify: sometimes the game is considered a virus or a trojan, and honestly I don't know why. I assure you that this mod will not do anything to your system 32, it's false positives !

Yume Nikki 16:9 is a mod for Yume Nikki to improve it by allowing the game to be in 16:9, and fixes some bugs and add some details. This mod adds a custom  menu and some secrets, It also adds a special option menu when clicking on the library in Mado's room. Special options are not recommended for an experience closer  to the original game. To play the mod you don't need to download the original game.

WARNING :  the project may still contain some bugs. If you find any, please report them to me as soon as possible! If it happens I will release a patch.  You want to contribute to translation for others languages ?  You can write a comment or contact me here :



Q  : my game has huge black stripes on each side of the screen!

A : to fix this problem, launch the game and check the "allow uneven  pixel sizes" box.

Q : Can I use a save from one of my previous sessions of Yume Nikki?

A: Of course! If you want to play Yume Nikki 16/9, using your good  old  save is obviously possible! Check the read me for more information.

Controls :

Z; Space; Enter; Numpad Enter; Button AInteract
Esc; X; C; V; B; N; Numpad 0; Button BOpen Menu/Close Menu
Arrow Keys, K L J H; Left stick; (D-pad)Move
Key 1 Effect Action*
Key 3 Secondary Effect Action*
Key 5 Get rid of an effect (only in the Room of Doors)
Key 9 Wake up
graphic settings
F4full screen

*Don't apply to every effects


Original game : Kikiyama

Maniac patch : BingShan  (https://twitter.com/BingShan1024)

modder : Youli and Carbonara

Project funding : Ange, Mana (https://mananta.carrd.co/)

Trailer: Clémancipé (www.youtube.com/channel/UCvQZbQiLQSbhHDM_pEBVJDw)

Special thank for all the member of Yume Nikki France on discord for playtest !

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withKrita, RPG Maker, Audacity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Dreams, mod, Pixel Art, Psychological Horror, Remake, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, yume-nikki
Average sessionA few hours


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yume nikki 16_9 ver 1.4.rar 57 MB

Development log


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heya, i wanted to download the mod but the amount of trojans or viruses scanned by virustotal is a big chunk. is there a possible way to remove them or theyre necessary to go into yume nikki files 

This is not the first time I've been told about this and honestly I have no idea why windows detects viruses in it. Even if it's just my word I promise that there are no viruses and that they are just false positives.I would love to solve this problem but I can't find a solution

Hey, if you want, I can help a lot in translating the game into Polish language

ho that would be great! If you want, I can send you a list of all the necessary texts to translate, I'll take care of the rest after !

yagvy#2578 my discord :)

Great work! I also did 16:9 with my RM2k3 game and the Maniacs patch just makes it easier and easier with every update.

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i'm on the latest version and madotsuki won't stop moving up. while not pressing any buttons, she and every menu acts like the up button is being held, and nothing i do will make it stop.

edit: this is happening in all my rpgmaker games. nothing to do with you, sorry.

fixed it by disabling "HIC-compliant game controller" in device manager, if anyone else is having this issue.

Is there a way to reactivate the speed glitch?

Can't live without it.

the bug is still there! But honestly I advise you to wait a little bit before playing if you want, there are still some other bugs quite annoying. I work on it.

great mod i couldn't find the redone maps though

it's really small things. To activate them, you have to interact with the library in the awakened room. Set "yes" for "more open maps"! It affect maps like the desert, the sky garden or the witch island etc. it just takes out the transitions.